Bamboo Pleating

This is a specialist pleat with a very interesting effect. Single fabric is usually problem free .

When attempting to do full garments this machine was never designed to do this so therefore, sampling needs to be rigourous and all fabric types need to be tested at sampling stage.

This usually allows the garments to go through trouble free, however it is our experience that base fabric can differ from sample fabric purchased from overseas. Therefore it is best that a second set of samples is done using the production fabric before the main cut of garments happen. Any issues arising from sampling need to be accepted by the customer. We can pleat completed garments. bamboo pleating can be done in one direction (bottom photo) or both directions (top photo)..

Remember that there is a minimum of 1/3 to 1/2 size shrinkage. This type of pleating is also very interesting to use as inserts or parts of garments.
This pleat can only be done on thin fabric
Material for bamboo pleating must be 100% polyester.