Knife Pleating

Knife pleating is still as popular as ever with school uniforms and kilts, or people looking for that " older style look " in their skirts. This type of pleating dates back to the 16th century. A lot of designers are still using this look in their ranges.

Knife pleating has a 3:1 ratio (three inches of fabric to one inch of finished pleat plus 15 cm). The length of the fabric is required 3 times the hip measurement + 10cm ease, not the waist measurement.

If the material needs to be hemmed this should be done before it is sent to us.
  1. When hemming ensure that the hem is straight and not pulled tight as this will cause an uneven pleat along the hem
  2. We do not cut material so all material must be cut to size
  3. For Box pleating and larger knife pleating the drop can be no longer than 900mm (90cm) this is the measurement from waist to floor.
  4. The length as in around the waist can be up to 4 meters
  5. You must allow three time the amount of material for knife pleating
  6. This pleating is done by hand and produces a sharp pleat
Sizes range from 10mm x 10mm underlay to 50mm x 40mm underlay.